Innovators, game changers, trailblazers: Silicon Beach and an Independent, citizen funded Congresswoman- the next big things!

There is nowhere it could happen first but here. Silicon Beach, located in the heart of the 33rd district, and this campaign! We don’t do same ole, same old here, when we start something new it becomes a national trend within 5 years, and it usually doesn’t take that long.

Technology, synergy, and organic innovation among the ionic forces of surf, sand, and glittering brilliance is creating a force multiplier that will reverberate around the globe. 

It is absolutely no surprise that companies like Microsoft are zooming in on this energy and it is no surprise that that same energy is fueling our groundbreaking campaign.

Every day, new technologies make it easier than ever for audiences to connect with the communities and the ideas that matter to them. As someone who worked for decades to bring alternative and powerful messages to mainstream America, I understand just how profound a free and open Internet has been for all of us. As a member of Congress, I will be a powerful ally and passionate advocate to guard against misguided legislation like CISPA, and its predecessors-SOPA and PIPA, which would handcuff and stifle the Entrepreneurs of Silicon Beach, and must never come to be law. I am the only candidate in this race speaking out against the TPP, in fact I am yelling it from the rooftops, and make no mistake the multi-national coup d’état known as the Trans Pacific Partnership, will not only override our national sovereignty on labor and environmental laws, it will affect our internet laws and regulations as well. The Internet is too important to our economy, our culture, and our understanding of ourselves to let corporate controlled politicians make drastic or fundamental changes to the way it works. As someone who has fought to make my own voice heard over the noise of corporate media, and as Silicon Beach's representative in the U.S. Congress, I will ensure that the technology industry remains free to innovate,  and to succeed!

Expanding Technological education programs, as well as improving broadband accesses nationally, are investments we must make. A national public wiring project to get the whole country up to modern standards and leading the way, is an imperative component to the Green New Deal,  and is the cornerstone of my vision for our nation.

Silicon Beach is the natural partner to our vibrant, innovative, and creative forces in the 33rd district, which also include Aerospace and Entertainment This is the  sowing ground where imagination, genius, and limitless possibilities abound! 



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