Time for a Disruptive Marianne Williamson in Congress 
By Dick Price

Early on a gray Saturday morning in Venice, several blocks inland from the beach, Marianne Williamson paces nervously, greeting each newcomer to her congressional campaign event with hugs and smiles and moments of hushed conversation. Dressed all in black and tottering atop high heels, she looks radiant, rail-thin, alive in the moment, ready for the festivities to begin.

“Where are all the people?” she wonders, eyeing the empty seats and forgetting for the moment that it’s Los Angeles and people will come, if they’re coming at all, at the very last minute.

And even on this start of the Memorial Day weekend, they do come, just at the appointed hour, filling every folding chair and lining the walls of the Source Spiritual Center, eager to be roused by Williamson herself and by her guest, Alan Grayson, the rabble-rousing congressman from Florida. ( read more here)


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