Dirty Tricks

Dear Friends,

We have a "dirty trick" on our hands, so I hope you'll spread the word if you hear of it:

Someone at the United Domestic Workers, a union based out of San Diego, is calling voters in the district multiple times, we have heard as frequently as 5 times per day over the course of the past 2 weeks. 

Voters have told us that their caller ID says "UDWA 619-263-7254" -- but the office that holds that number says their phone number has been highjacked for this purpose.

The caller asks if the voter is supporting Marianne Williamson, without providing any information about her whatsoever, and then abruptly hangs up. Voters who indicate support for Marianne are called repeatedly.

Here is an example of what these calls look like:

1. My household has received daily calls from San Diego from a group called UDWA at 619-263-7254.   After several weeks of twice daily (or more)calls, I called this number and left a voice mail instructing these people not to call my home any longer.  This was on May 20.   On May 21, I got two more calls, one at 8:30pm.   On May 22, I received another call, which I finally answered and told the caller to stop calling me.  I also reported this number to the Do Not Call complaint website

2."Your robo calling company has called me 4 times this morning and left no message! I finally got to a person and she repeated my phone number wrong to put me on the do not call list! I will do everything in my power to make sure that Williamson loses this race because of her true disregard for individuals and the utilities they buy for their own use and not hers. It is beyond annoying to get up 4 times to answer a call from a computer voice that says, "If this call has inconvenienced you, we are sincerely sorry!" This is the sad state of two faced liberal dominated CA.! "

 3."To Whom It May Concern at Marianne for Congress,
We have received 8 phone calls today from UDWA, phone number 619-263-7254 claiming to be from Marianne for Congress. I answered the last call and asked to be removed from the call list (we are registered with the national do not call registry - even if not covered by that I do not want this call). the person hung up on me and did not respond. Please remove my number from your call list immediately".

Please let anyone who tells you of this kind of activity that it is NOT our campaign playing this prank, and that we're very sorry for the inconvenience.


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