To the Feminists Who Challenge Marianne Williamson on Women's Rights
Francis Fisher

Actual Huffington Post Article Here

Dear Katherine Spillar, Bettina Duval and Lindsey Horvath,

I was outraged when I read your May 8 letter to Marianne Williamson. Then came the Los Angeles Times article yesterday.

What in the world are you thinking, to stoop so low as to misrepresent Marianne... all for political gain?

Your actions seem to me that of a high school Mean Girls' desperate attempt to diss an "opponent" -- anti-feminist, to say the least.

Marianne is the last person feminists should be trying to take down. She has done more to bring women, particularly young women, into the feminist fold than almost any figure in contemporary culture. She is totally progressive. Are you aware of 'Sister Giant: Women, Non-Violence and The Birthing of a New American Politics' that she created in 2012? Check it out on Facebook. Or Google 'Sister Giant' and see what Forbes, HuffPost, LA Progressive, Origin Magazine, etc. have to say.

You are painting Marianne as though she were some conservative like Phyllis Schlafly. Marianne has never uttered a word -- privately or publicly -- against Roe vs. Wade. Marianne supports it 100%.

Eight years ago, in 2006, Marianne suggested that it might be good to have a law requiring women to reflect before having abortions. "Abortion rights? I think abortion is a choice between a woman and her God, and the government shouldn't even be in on that conversation. They could slow down the process -- demanding a time of reflection -- and that would be okay with me, but not have the right to stop it." As soon as someone pointed out to her that this could cause women in rural areas hardship, she said, to paraphraseYeah, you're right. Not a good idea. I realized quickly that it was a good idea for therapy, but a bad idea for a law.

You said she shouldn't misrepresent her position. YOU shouldn't misrepresent her position! (read more here)

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