The Mindful Congressional Candidate: Marianne Williamson

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"One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

I recently hosted Marianne Williamson at my home so she could explain why she's running for Congress (district 33). There were about 140 people there, some of them who knew Marianne as a spiritual leader, and others that did not know her at all. What drew everyone there, whether they knew her or not, was their interest in seeing who she is as a political candidate, and when she stood in front of them and said what she would do and change in public office, she lit the room on fire with her passion, enthusiasm and intelligence. For anyone who thought she was just a spiritual guru, they were completely turned around. This was someone to be taken very seriously, and what she said resonated for everyone in that room.

So what was it that struck a chord in people that night? I mean, we all know that politicians are good at telling you what you want to hear, and some of them are more charming or charismatic than others -- enough to engender your trust and faith in them. But with Marianne, it's different than rote political rhetoric, or charm and charisma, which she definitely has. There's something in her message that goes straight to the core of truth. She represents what we know must be said and done right now, and she's not afraid to talk about what we all are desperate to hear. She speaks the language of the present. Not what "could be", but what "has to be." No more "Same old, same old," as she says. That's yesterday's news. Nobody wants hand me down solutions.

When she says in her video, My campaign, in My Own Words, "We can't any longer just deal with the effects without dealing with the cause of all this. We can't any longer just deal with the symptoms without calling the disease what it is. There's a cancer that is eating our democracy. There's an issue that's underlying all these other issues, and that is the issue of money in politics. That's why getting the money out of politics is the greatest moral challenge of our generation," we know with every fiber of our being that we must take action to fight for what we believe is right, and can no longer tolerate the status quo. And if having "cancer" doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will.

Marianne is the most mindful candidate I've ever heard speak. Her awareness of what is wrong with the political system is so laser sharp that she pulls you right into the problems of the present and holds you there up close and personal to see. She has an innate ability to bring you into what's really going on, and what we need is for those of us that know and believe that change is possible, to vote for Marianne Williamson for Congress on June 3. It's time for "A new conversation for a new America," and she's the one that started it.

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