The challenge of our generation is to resist the multi-national corporate takeover of the United States of America. These corporations have the right to exist in the global economy, but they do not have the right to turn the United States government into their servant or to use the resources of the American people as their cash cow.

The illusion we have been sold over the last few decades – and which too often we have fallen prey to – is that these corporations and the industries they represent are key to the health of the US economy. In fact, they are anything but. Our leanings toward economic servitude to these corporations has decimated the US economy, created a systematic pattern of economic injustice, and laid waste to some of the most precious material resources of our country. They have shown repeated disregard for the welfare of our economy, our planet, and even the health of our children. 

The way to a healthy economy is not through siphoning the major resources of wealth, education and opportunity into the hands of a few. The way to a healthy economy is through insuring the healthy flow of economic, educational and political opportunity to a majority of our citizens, that they too -- through hard work and personal responsibility -- might participate in that economy, become job creators themselves, and make manifest the real American dream: that anyone and everyone can be a winner in America.

I am running for a seat in the US House of Representatives in order to articulate this message. When elected, I will work with members of Congress – including those who have endorsed my campaign -- in returning the United States to its democratic and ethical ideal as a shining light of infinite possibility for all of our citizens. Millions of hearts now rage against the dimming of that light, and I dedicate my campaign to the idea that that light shall not be extinguished in our generation, or ever.

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