On Awakening the Giant

America needs to reclaim our democracy before it dissolves in front of our eyes.

When the primary resources of the public purse are directed into the hands of a very few – that is not democracy. When so much money is necessary to wage a serious political campaign that only the wealthy or those with access to wealth can even consider running for office – that is not democracy. When two political parties can so effectively limit any political voices but theirs – that is not democracy.

The situation is dire and the hour is late. While the entrepreneurial genius of the American people is at an all time high, that genius is primarily siphoned to the private sector and limited in its influence on the public sphere. Our political status quo does everything it can to monopolize the reins of government for its own purposes. Yet the power of our governance was not meant to reside in the hands of a few – even a political few. It was meant to reside in the hands of the people of the United States.

Today, the people of America are becoming effectively sidelined in their own country – sidelined economically, sidelined educationally and sidelined politically. The majority of Americans do not get a fair economic shake in America today; the majority do not get a free, high quality education today; and the majority do not have serious political influence compared to that which is wielded by moneyed interests.

So what is the majority going to do about this? It remains to be seen. But waking up to the crisis in our midst in the first step, and once the giant awakens then the changes can begin.

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