Marci Shimoff letter to her list

Hi there, 

I'm writing today about something that's different from my usual messages -- and that's very important to my heart! My dear friend Marianne Williamson is running for US Congress, and it thrills me to share this news with you, as she's championing the voice of  "transformational politics."   

Marianne has been a transformational leader for more than 30 years as a world-renowned author, speaker, teacher, and spiritual luminary. Her book A Return to Love (one of my all-time favorites) includes the famous inspirational quote, often mistakenly attributed to the beloved late Nelson Mandela, that begins: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. . . " 

And now Marianne is bringing her message of shifting from fear to love into the world of politics -- a shift of which we are in dire need. 

Marianne is a brilliant woman who has been politically engaged throughout her life. This is something she is deeply committed to, and I'm absolutely certain that she will make an extraordinary difference in our country. Just imagine a transformational leader of her intelligence, heart, clarity, and integrity as part of US Congress! 

I'm wholeheartedly supporting Marianne's campaign and I'm reaching out to ask you to support her, as well. I have contributed the maximum amount and am spreading the word wherever I can. Whether you feel moved to give the maximum amount or as little as $10, you'll be part of a wave of grassroots energy that can cause a phenomenal shift. If everyone in our community were to donate, Marianne would have a good portion of what she'll need to win. 

Please know that whatever you contribute will make a difference, regardless of whether you live in her district, as her campaign will carry a huge voice nationwide. You can go to Marianne's site to learn more and make your donation. 

Below is a letter she wrote about her decision to run for Congress. Whatever your political leanings are, I think what she says will strike a deep chord in you. 

Marianne and I are so grateful for any amount that you feel moved to contribute and for any way that you feel moved to participate.  


With Love For No Reason and Every Reason,

Marci Shimoff

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