Green New Deal for a Green American Century

green-panel-image.jpgThe goal: To shift from our dependence on fossil fuels to clean, green energy, rebuilding America with cutting edge green technologies to create millions of jobs.

As District 33’s new Congresswoman, Marianne Williamson will initiate and support legislation to:

  • Rebuild our roads, bridges, water systems, and public transportation with green technology.
  • Shift from greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuels to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources like solar,algae, and geothermal.
  • Redesign our energy sources, including micro and distributed energy generation. This could make every building a potential power station.
  • Develop financial incentives and regulations for green investment and reduced energy usage.
  • Repurpose our aerospace and defense genius to create cleaner, green technologies to rebuild America.
  • Provide investment and incentives for creating a workforce well educated in green energy technology with Green STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs.
  • Increase federal subsidies and incentives for high efficiency mass transportation, solar powered electric car charging stations, and production and ownership of super-efficient green vehicles.
  • Expand the mission and goals of MB2025 in Manhattan Beach to a national platform.

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