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Williamson is the progressive choice for a progressive district

Alan Grayson, Congressman

“Marianne Williamson has taught us that ‘playing small doesn’t serve the world.’  Every Member of Congress needs to hear those words.  We all need to ‘play big,’ and create a world where each one of us is free to – in Marianne Williamson’s words – ‘let our own light shine.’  In a nation where Marianne Williamson helps to make the laws, our differences will no longer divide us; they will be cultivated and nurtured and cherished, so that every one of us can be all that he or she can be.”

Keith Ellison, Congressman and co-chair of The Progressive Caucus

"I proudly endorse Marianne Williamson. She is a progressive leader who offers to inject a spirit of love, generosity and inclusion into politics as usual. We sure need it. Not only does she challenge conventional politics, but she also challenges spiritual activists because she invites them to bring mindfulness and love into the profane world of politics where knotty problems like campaign finance, stagnant wages, and climate change need solving. Of course, the spiritual activists, like Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day, and Bishop Desmond Tutu, have always incorporated the sacred into their activism, and achieved results. So in a way, her candidacy is reminding us of how true and meaningful change really happens."

Jennifer Granholm, Former Governor of Michigan         

"I have known Marianne for years and have witnessed the positive impact she's had on many lives. It's wonderful that she is running for Congress. She has tremendous talent and skill to bring to the country at large."

Van Jones, Civil Rights and Environmental Advocate

"In a world of cynical, transactional politics, Marianne Williamson stands out as a transformational leader," I support Marianne Williamson for Congress because her years of public compassion and courage uniquely qualify her to speak deep truths and move the needle -- even in the heart of Washington.” 

Dennis Kucinich, Former Congressman

"Marianne is needed in Congress. She will stand for peace, civil liberties and sustainable policies on issues ranging from food to the economy."

Elizabeth Kucinich, Director of Policy at the Center for Food Safety

"Marianne is a 'Sister Giant' with a backbone. She is courageous, strong and knows her true north. Marianne is a woman whose leadership not only guides but inspires leadership in others. Who better to send to Congress?"

Ed Begley Jr., Environmental Leader      

“Marianne Williamson has been a highly effective transformational leader.  Today, our nation needs a leader who can transform our political system, particularly on issues concerning the environment.”

Bruce Margolin, Director LANORML         

“Among the contenders for U.S. Congress in CA-33, there is only one who is addressing these issues that affect us all. Independent candidate Marianne Williamson is a clear and passionate voice and she has been loudly speaking out, against the horrifying reality of America’s Mass Incarceration state for years.  I believe it is time for a new course of action. It is going to take someone who is willing to address this problem honestly and with real solutions.  I believe that Marianne is that person, and that she will bring the type of inspirational leadership needed to create the sea change.” 

Thom Hartmann, Syndicated Radio TV host 

“Marianne is one of the most significant voices in America today. She is, at this moment in history, one of the people who really gets it.” 

Jesse Ventura, Former Governor of Minnesota

“Marianne is the type of leader we need in Washington today. I commend her for running and support her 100 percent.”

John Gray, PhD.,#1 New York Times Bestselling 

Marianne Williamson is a truly inspirational leader of our time. I find her stand on "Conscious Politics" profound and support her U.S. congressional candidacy in California.”

Brent Roske, Former Independent Congressional Candidate CD33 Watch the video here

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EVOLVE-Bay Area Grassroots Social Activist Organization

Eva Longoria-Actress, Co-chair Obama 2012

Jane Lynch-Actress and LGBT Rights Activist and Humanitarian

Michael Bernard Beckwith-Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City

Dr. Mary Campbell-Hermosa Beach School Board

Dr. Michael Collins- Hermosa Beach Environmental Leader

Varant Majarian- Encino Neighborhood Council

Deepak Chopra, M.D.-Author and Physician

Lila Garrett 








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