An amazing week

Dear friends,

Thank you for your support of our Congressional campaign. The excitement of the journey is building; this week alone, we got major coverage in the LA Times (front page!) and the LA Weekly. I invite you to share in the fun and significance of the experience.


Some people have said, “I’ll vote for you in November, Marianne!” without realizing that first we have to win the primary on June 3 – and that’s coming up soon! California has an open primary, which means that the top two vote getters on June 3 then go to the General Election on November 4.

Others have expressed confusion about how California’s primary system operates, and whether or not voting for me could split the vote. It cannot. Please click here for more information. Make sure you’re registered to vote, and that your friends are registered too! 


Sometimes we don’t realize how much we ourselves can make a difference, simply sharing with our friends and associates about the campaign. Use any appropriate opportunity to use conversation and social media to get out the word. is filled with sharable items, from my blogs to news articles to sharable graphics to issue items.

I particularly like this interview that came out Monday, giving a good overview of my positions and values.


Every month – in addition to house parties, fundraisers and public events all over District 33 – I am holding a Town Hall and Issues Forum. Click here to see pics and videos of the events we’ve been doing over the last few weeks!

Please join us for our upcoming events:
ISSUES FORUM --  This month's topic: MONEY OUT; PEOPLE IN! Come learn about Getting Money Out of Politics with (the very entertaining) Professor Adam Winkler on January 29th.

MONTHLY TOWN HALL-- Next month's Town Hall is in Rancho Palos Verdes on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

VOLUNTEER THURSDAYS -- Don't forget our regular Thursday night volunteer meetings in Venice.


Wherever you are – whether in District 33 or anywhere else around the country – you can help collect the funds needed to hire the staff we need. Remember: we have to reach out to over 400,000 registered voters. 

If you’re in Los Angeles and wish to host a fundraising event, please contact And if you’re elsewhere, click here for all relevant information. Thank you!


This is a grass roots campaign -- I will not be receiving corporate PAC money to fund my race! And it does take a lot of money to be competitive in a campaign for Congress.

Whether you can give $5 a month or the maximum of $5,200, your money is the energy needed to fuel the campaign. Even a little goes a long way, so please give what you can.

For all of the above -- your support, your encouragement and your participation -- I thank you deeply.

On to June, then November… and then Washington DC!

With love,


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