A Politics of Love

What America needs is a politics of love, but there can be no love where there is no justice.

America needs to lance its wounds, to admit its faults, and in some ways to change its ways.

My campaign for Congress highlights certain things that are wrong with America, but only so we can make them right.

The greatest moral challenge of our generation is getting the money out of politics. Money now wields such a disproportionate influence on our politics compared to that wielded by the average citizen as to make a mockery of democracy. Lincoln’s government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” has become a government “of a few of the people, by a few of the people, and for a few of the people.”

Expecting the political status quo to change this situation is naïve, because the political status quo created it. Through banking, trade and tax policies enacted over the last few decades, the majority of the material resources of our country have been siphoned into the hands of a small percentage of Americans, creating a chronic pattern of economic, social and criminal injustice.

This pattern will not change because those who perpetrated it will choose to change it; it will only change through an uprising of the American people. This uprising begins within our hearts and minds, and then – like all great social justice movements in our history, from abolition to women’s suffrage – bursts forth into political activism. The American people don’t need to demand change; we need to enact change.

Just as there are those who have moved the functioning of our government in a less just and democratic direction, the American people – and only the American people – can enact the necessary course correction to put America back on track.

I hope my campaign is more than a winning one at the ballot box; I hope it provides a template by which others around the country will run on the same pro-democratic principles, helping to forge a national movement to both save and protect all that is best about the country we all love. 

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