A Letter

Dear Friends,

Politics is an area where many seekers have turned away in disgust, assuming that the search for enlightenment couldn’t include anything as toxic as politics. But how can we complain there’s no transformational consciousness in politics if we, the transformational community, aren’t putting it there? 

That’s why I’m so excited that my friend and colleague Marianne Williamson is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. She believes love should be the bottom line in politics as well as everywhere else, and I agree with her.    

Click here to see her campaign website!

Marianne’s campaign does not just represent a new possibility for California’s Congressional District 33; it represents a new possibility for all of us. 

I have contributed to her campaign, and I hope you will too. For a minimum of $5, you can add to the creation of a transformational politics. Let’s support Marianne in broadening our political conversation to include the principles of possibility that all of us care about. 

I’m so glad that Marianne is representing our community is placing transformational wisdom into our public discourse. She believes that those who have sought inner wisdom and spiritual understanding are the last people who should be sitting out the political process, because if you have a clue as to what changes one heart have a clue as to what will change the world.

Together, let’s prove her right. 



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